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Women Give

Women Give is the signature research project of the Women's Philanthropy Institute. Each report offers insights into why and how gender matters in philanthropy.

Women Give 2014 investigates how the nexus of religiosity, gender and age is related to charitable giving.

Women Give 2010 found significant differences in the likelihood of giving as well as the dollar amount given between single men and single women across income levels and by marital status. Women Give 2012 focused on the effect of age and gender on giving with a spotlight on Boomers and older Americans. Women Give 2013 examined charitable giving by boys and girls.

The Women Give series is challenging assumptions and changing attitudes about who is philanthropic. Practitioners appreciate the hard data that helps them in decision-making and advocacy. Individual donors value the ability to connect their personal experiences to the broader philanthropic landscape. 

Women Give 2014

Women Give 2013

Women Give 2012

Women Give 2010